The Association was established in 1971 as the "Ramleh Charity Association" whose business center is Amman, Amman and its business area - the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Goals of the Association:

  1. Assist outstanding students who are unable to continue their university studies by granting them loans that are paid after graduation under a special system.
  2. Rehabilitation of citizens to use some professions, whether by opening rehabilitation centers for individuals who have the ability to absorb rehabilitation or provide material assistance.
  3. Work on the establishment of clinics and health centers to address the needy and provide any material or in-kind assistance to patients.
  4. Providing cash and in-kind assistance to those in need who are unable to earn a living and who can not be rehabilitated.
  5. Establish vocational rehabilitation and training centers for needy families such as sewing and weaving centers.
  6. Work on the establishment and management of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools.
  7. Work on the ownership and management of investment charitable projects aimed at developing the financial resources of the association and the operation of the unemployed.

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