• Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Kayali, Writer

    He was born in Ramla in 1916. He completed his primary education at the Ramleh School in 1928, then went to Al-Azhar in 1929 and spent four years there and obtained his degree. He joined the Higher Science House in Cairo in 1932, where he spent four years and returned to Palestine to study in Jerusalem and Hebron. He then became a legal judge in Jaffa but did not fulfill his duties because of the Nakba. After 1948 he went to Baghdad where he worked in teaching, then returned to Jerusalem and worked as a teacher at the College of Rashidiyah and then in Birzeit College and then Al-Hussein Secondary School in Amman and in the Institute of Al-Maalayman until he became the director of the teachers' house in Hawara in Irbid and then inspector. He was appointed cultural advisor to Jordan in Algeria, and during his stay there he received his doctorate from the University of Algiers on the subject of Palestinian poetry in the Nakba of Palestine. Poet and has three manuscripts. Awarded the Jerusalem Medal of Culture and Arts in 1990.

  • Saeed Al-Taji Al-Farouqi Researcher in agricultural and scientific fields

    Date of Birth 1914
    Place of birth Ramla
    Field of work is an agricultural expert
    In 1930, he enrolled at the University of California, USA, where he received a master's degree in agriculture in 1935. He returned to his homeland to manage his father's property, establishing the first farm for raising poultry and cows and producing milk and dairy products. Then he was appointed director of the agricultural company, which was supervised by the Arab Agricultural Bank. In 1940 he was appointed professor of agriculture at the Fakhouri agricultural school in Tulkarem. After Nakba 48, he left for Damascus and worked as a professor of agriculture at the secondary agricultural school in Hosh, which was destroyed in Damascus for one year. In 1949, he was appointed Director General of the Agriculture Department of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1956 he was appointed by FAO as Agricultural Adviser to the Middle East at the Regional Office in Cairo. In 1969 he was assigned by the International Food and Agriculture Organization (IOI) to work with the African Economic Organization as a regional adviser. Said al-Taji al-Faruqi wrote many studies in English on nutrition and agriculture

  • Sheikh Suleiman Al-Farouqi was a member of the European Senate in 1951

    Date of Birth
    Date of death 1958
    Place of birth Ramla

    He received his first lessons at the hands of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Khairi, who lost his sight at the age of nine and memorized the Qur'an before he reached the age of ten and learned grammar on the great Sheikh Al-Bayoumi. The mother then sent him to study in Al-Azhar. The Imam admired him and summarized him with his care and interest. He spent nine years in Al-Azhar, where he absorbed the sciences of jurisprudence, linguistics, history and others. He returned to Palestine and then left for Astana and studied in its major schools. In a short time, he mastered Turkish, French and English, and he interpreted the Holy Quran in the famous mosque of Ayia Sophia. Sheikh Al-Farouqi distinguished himself with the improvisational speech and the systems of the poems. In many cases, he returned to Palestine and holds a law degree and practiced law. Al-Faruq issued the Islamic University newspaper on July 16, 1932, and was sent in bulk to the Arab countries. The British authorities suspended his newspaper and revoked its license. In the Turkish era, al-Faruqi was exile in Anatolia with his brother Shukri al-Taji al-Farouqi in Konya. After the events of 1948, he emigrated to Jordan and returned to the Islamic University.
    Sheikh Al-Farouqi distinguished himself with a strong force and a strong improvisation, but his hair was lost in the 1948 war.

  • His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Saeed Alaeddin

  • President Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda - First Prime Minister of Jordan

    President Tawfiq Abu Al-Huda - First Prime Minister of Jordan

  • His Excellency Mr. Khulousi Al-Khairi

    His Excellency Mr. Khulousi Al-Khairi

    Ramla Date of Birth
    1908 Place

    Khulousi Al-Khairi The ministries of economy, agriculture, health and knowledge were elected several times as members of the House of Representatives. The Ministry of Economy was the last ministry to be filled in 1959, after which he went on to self-employment. In 1963 he was elected a member of the delegation representing Palestine

  • Mr. Issa Rofa Al-Safri

    He was born in Ramle in 1894 and completed his elementary and secondary studies in Jaffa. He worked in education for several years before becoming a member of the editorial board of the Palestine newspaper for its owner Issa Al-Issa. He founded a library in Jaffa and also a printing press. , Who emigrated to Jordan in 1948 and worked on writing his thoughts and memoirs, returned in 1949 to write in the Palestine newspaper that died the same year

  • Mr. Fadl Shroro

    Born in Ramle, Palestine, 1940.
    Bachelor of Commerce and Economics University of Damascus.
    Postgraduate Studies Saint Joseph University - Beirut.
    Member of the Union of Arab Writers, member of the Union of Arab Journalists.
    Member of the Association of Research and Studies.
    Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Palestinian National Culture.
    General Supervisor of Forward Magazine.
    General Supervisor of Wordpress English.
    General Supervisor of Al Quds Radio.

  • Mr. Yaqoub tawfek Al-Ghussain

    Date of Birth 1900
    Date of death 1947
    Place of Birth Ramla - Northern Palestine
    Palestinian militant
    President of the Arab Palestinian Youth Conference and a member of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine, received his elementary education in Ramle, then joined the School of Law in Jerusalem and then at the Institute of Higher Studies in Izmir, Turkey. Yacoub al-Ghussein was elected president of the second youth conference which opened in Haifa on 10/5/1935. When the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine was formed in April 1936, Yaqoub al-Ghussein was one of its members representing the youth conference. In addition to the above mentioned, a member of the Palestinian delegation to the London conference called for by the British Mandate government. In 1946, the municipal councils in Palestine were dissolved and elections were held for new municipal councils. Al-Ghussain won these elections and was appointed mayor of Ramla. Maine basic public services remained at the head of the municipality of Ramla until his death in 1947

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