• White Mosque

    It is located close to the old city and Sulaiman ibn Abd al-Malik has planned the center of the city and made it its center.
    Abdul Rahman bin Siddiq mosque, a small abandoned mosque located inside the city.
    The shrine of the Prophet peace be upon him and celebrated by the population in the season is held every year on Friday in April after Easter.
    The place of the Prophet Robin peace be upon him. It is located near the mouth of the River Rubin and a special annual season is held in the first month of the month of September, which ends in September and ends with the end of the season.
    He is said to have been martyred in the Battle of Agnadine and built this place in 1450 - 859 AH by order of Prince Shaheen Al Kamali.

  • Mausoleums and Shrines

    There are many shrines and shrines such as:
    1 - Tomb of Imam Hafiz Abu Abdul Rahman bin Shoaib women, located next to the White Mosque adjoining the eastern wall.
    2 - the tomb of Autech bint Jafar bin Ahmed bin Nasr Al-Sindari.
    3 - the tomb of Sheikh Saleh al-Adawi - and the tomb of Abu al-Awn Ibn Raslan and others.

    There are also three churches of the Franciscans - the Catholics - the Romans - the Palace of Solomon bin Abdul Malik and the pool of Anziyah.
    Throughout the history of the city, many scholars and intellectuals have appeared.

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