The kindergarten and school of the Ramla Association was established in 1979 and its ranks were from the first grade through the sixth grade. Two sections were opened for the academic year 2006/2007 for the seventh and eighth grades. The number of students reached 340 students. The school includes the educational facilities from the library, Computer lab and home management. The number of employees in the school of administrators, teachers, coaches, coaches and drivers of 46 employees.

School activities for the academic year 2012/2013

  • Scientific visit to the eighth grade students to the martyr
  • A scientific visit to the third grade students A + B to the museum during the official working hours.
  • A scientific visit to the students of the first and second grades A + B to Hussein Gardens.
  • The school organized a mass breakfast for orphans and scouts in the school hall during the official working hours.
  • A group of 5th and 6th grade students visited the Nazek Hariri Center
  • A scientific visit to sixth graders to an olive farm on Monday
  • A scientific visit to the fourth grade students A + B to the Roman amphitheater and the castle
  • Scouts students made the flowers and cubs of the Zaid bin Haritha band on the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein,
  • A scientific visit to the third grade students A + B to the martyr's monument on Sunday
  • Scientific and recreational visit to the second grade students A + B to the Directorate of Civil Defense and then to Amman National Park
  • A scientific visit to the first grade students A + B to Amman National Park
  • Scientific visit to the students of grades VI - VIII to the Mosque of King Bin Talal
  • Scientific visits carried out by grades 6-8 to King Hussein Science Park in the yards of the Jubilee Schools

Al Ramlah Charity Society

Founded in 1979, the Kindergarten includes safe spaces for children and indoor and outdoor games. The classroom contains LCD screens for visual and audiovisual teaching, learning through play and staff application.

Advanced learning methods:

  • There is a children's library that includes all kinds of stories.
  • There are computers.
  • The presence of a projector for the performance of shadow plays.
  • Display cartoon characters for children.

Kindergarten staff and competencies: -

  • Kindergarten is characterized by the existence of a management and teaching staff distinguished in terms of long experience and the use of modern methods of teaching and follow-up every new in the development of the educational process and application within the kindergarten.
  • Holding courses for internal and external teachers under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and the Save the Children Foundation.
  • Modern and safe transportation for children.
  • The presence of bus escorts to maintain the safety of children.
  • Curriculum taught in Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten uses a developed educational curriculum where the information is communicated to children by putting the curriculum on D-D and Cassette disks to facilitate the process of receiving information for children.

For weekly, systematic and extracurricular activities to promote the social concept.

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